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A complete renovation was done on this wonderfully situated beach front property.


Many properties in Lanzarote built around twenty years ago begin to look `tired´ and outdated. This house was a classic example. Also plumbing and electrics need to be updated especialy if bulletins are needed.


We completly stripped the house. All electrics and plumbing were replaced

The ouside cement render was not good, falling off in places. We re-rendered the front.

The kitchen, including tiles, was removed.

After the new electrics had been fitted and the new plumbing system installed, the entire floor was re-tiled.

Archways were added to replace the old wooden frames.

The whole of the interior of the property was originally rendered with cement. We plastered over this creating a much more modern and clean look.

New bathroom, new kitchen, re-tiled, complete replacement of electrics and plumbing with bulletins supplied, sky-lights added, all exterior doors and windows replaced with aluminium, painted and decorated. Completed in 10 weeks.

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